Sitemap - 2023 - The MCIMAPS Report

Issue #146: Miracle on 34th Street: How politics kept Santa out of a mental institution

Issue #145: Hong Kong's Democracy: Part 3 - The Landslide and the Crackdown

Issue #144: Hong Kong's Democracy: Part 2 - Tension under Chinese Rule

Issue #143: Hong Kong's Democracy: Part 1 - The Rise of Civic Action

Issue #142: Democrats outperform in Miami-Dade Special Election

Issue #141: Redistricting Insanity from the Florida Appeals Court

MCIMAPS Thanksgiving Issue: The Story of "Franksgiving"

Issue #140: Precinct Maps from Kentucky

Issue #139: In The Coal Fields - Andy Beshear Wins and Joe Manchin Retires

Issue #138: Can Andy Beshear Hold on in Kentucky?

Issue #137: Halloween 2023 Part 2: The Pike County Coroner Election

Issue #136: Halloween 2023 Part 1: The Kentucky Coroner Elections

Issue #135: "I'm Not a Witch" - The Story of the 2010 Delaware Senate Race

Issue #134: How Louisiana's Coroner Elections went on Saturday

Issue #133: The Most Tragic Election Victory in History

Issue #132: Manitoba is the 1st Canadian Province to Elect a First Nations Premier

Issue #131: The Fall of Allen Boyd and North Florida Democrats (Part 2)

Issue #130: Democrat Allen Boyd's Victories in the Florida Panhandle (Part 1)

Special Edition: Halloween Season and Coroner Elections

Issue #129: The Politics of Pit Bulls

Issue #128: Gabon Coup and the Anatomy of a Rigged Election

Issue #127: Jimmy Buffett's Politics and the Florida Keys

Issue #126: Florida Congressional Map STRUCK DOWN

Issue #125: Florida Government Struggles in Redistricting Trial

Issue #124: Ecuador Rejects Oil Drilling in the Amazon

Issue #123: Florida's Redistricting Battle Narrows to the FL-05

Issue #122: The Ron DeSantis Assault on Democracy

Issue #121 - Ohio Issue 1 and the Politics around 60% for Ballot Measures

Issue #120: How did the 1965 Voting Rights Act Impact Florida?

Issue #119: Russia's Coup in Niger

Issue #118: Ron DeSantis' Delayed HD35 Special Election

Issue #117: The Year Leon County Florida Shed its Dixiecrat Heritage

Project Announcement: Revisiting the Battle for Same-Sex Marriage in America

Issue #116: Greece's Fractured Left and Surging Far-Right

Issue #115: Sierra Leone Goes to the Polls

Issue #114: What the Alabama Redistricting Case means for North Florida

Issue #113: The GOP Gerrymander of Jacksonville's State House Seats

Issue #112: March 26th, 1845 - Florida's First State Elections

Issue #111: Donald Trump made Ron DeSantis Governor

Issue #110: Greece Elections are a landslide - but they may vote again in July

Issue #109: Emancipation Day in Florida and the Broken Promises to Freed Slaves

Issue #108: Jacksonville Gives Democrats a Big Win

Issue #107: Jacksonville Runoff Preview: All About Turnout

Issue #106: The Vibes Around Florida Supreme Court Retention Elections

Issue #105: Conservative Protest Votes in the 2022 Florida Democratic Primaries

Issue #104: Liberals win control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Issue #103: Looking back at Election Fraud in the 1994 Springfield Mayoral Race

Issue #102: Wynmoor and the Power of the Condos in Local Elections

Issue #101: Results for the First Round of the 2023 Jacksonville Elections

Issue #100: How DeSantis Gerrymandered North Florida Black Voters

Issue #99: HD8's Gallop Franklin vs Transgender Youth

Issue #98: The HD24 Special and "Don't Say Gay"

Issue #97: Final 2022 Florida Turnout Report

Issue #96: The Electoral Failures of the Florida Republican Party Chair Candidates

Issue #95: The 2022 Results by Florida State Senate District

Issue #94: The 2022 Elections by Florida State House District

Issue #93: Florida Precinct Maps for 2022

Issue #92: New Turnout Data Highlights

Issue #91: How the Palm Beach Commission Flipped to the GOP

Issue #90: The Timeline of MLK Day Becoming a Holiday

Issue #89: January 10th, 1861 - Florida Secedes from the Union

Issue #88: A look at the 2022 Kentucky Abortion Referendum