Sitemap - 2022 - The MCIMAPS Report

Issue #87: How the Neighborhood from 'Home Alone' Voted in 2022

Issue #86: Visualizing the Georgia Runoff

Issue #85: The 2022 Florida Races by Congressional District

Issue #84: Jared Moskowitz and Ron DeSantis both won the Florida 23rd

Issue #83: The Ohio 13th - My Mother's Home

Thanksgiving 2022 Issue: The Story of "Franksgiving"

Issue #82: Charlie Crist's Pinellas County base goes red

Issue #81: The Insane GOP Turnout Advantage in Florida

Issue #80: REVOLT among FL Democrats - Chair Diaz in crosshairs

Issue #79: Florida's State House Ratings

Issue #78: Leon Commission 2 - The Runoff from Hell

Issue #77: Navajo Voters hope to hold onto power in San Juan County, UT

Issue #76: Halloween 2022 Article - The Westmoreland County, PA Coroner Race

Issue #75: The Twilight of the Florida Panhandle Protest Vote

Issue #74: Florida Republicans Toppled Democrats in Registration

Issue #73: My Florida State Senate Ratings

Issue #72: Cuba's Historic Family Code Referendum

Issue #71: Gadsden County Politics & Ron DeSantis' Appointment

Issue #70: Kenya's 2022 Presidential Election and avoiding Ethnic Violence

Issue #69: Voting to Keep or Abolish the Monarchy

Issue #68: The War for Tallahassee Moves to November

Issue #67: Local Elections of Note in the Florida Primary

Issue #66: The Battle for Tallahassee

Issue #65: In Leon County, Fort Braden fights for its Representation

Issue #64: The 2022 Florida Primary Preview is Live

Issue #63: Senator Pizzo is Right About James Bush III

Issue #62: A Detailed Look at the Kansas Abortion Referendum

Issue #61: How FL Senate 35's Demographics Change now that its an Open Primary

Issue #60: Florida's Upcoming Primaries in "Safe" State House Districts

Issue #59: A History of Abortion on Florida's Ballot

Issue #58: A Look back at Florida's Amendment to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Issue 57: The Greek Tragedy of Andrew Gillum

Issue #56: Alan Grayson and Corrine Brown are running for the Florida 10th

Issue #55: North Idaho, Militias, and the "American Redoubt"

Issue #54: In the Florida 2nd and 27th, Taddeo and Lawson give Democrats a boost

Issue #53: South Dakota GOP fails in effort to change Ballot Measures

Issue #52: The Texas 28th - A Tale of Two Cities and an ideological divide

Issue #51: "Ghost Candidates" haunt the race for new Senate District 10

Issue #50: Florida House District 9 - The GOP's 'Fool's Gold'

Issue #49: DeSantis' Racist North Florida Gerrymander Struck Down

Issue #48: A Detailed Look at Florida's New Congressional Districts

Issue #47: Wilton Simpson sold out Pasco County in Redistricting

Issue #46: Special Session ends exactly how it deserves to end

Issue #45: Lawmakers prepare to violate the Fair Districts Amendments

Issue #44: A Good Friday analysis of a Bad Redistricting Map

Issue #43: What if Ron DeSantis could have Vetoed the Legislative Maps?

Issue #42: Partisan Data on the New Legislative Maps

Issue 41: Florida's Assault on Black Voters

Issue #40: The Multi-Million Democratic Primary to come in FL Senate 35

Issue #39: The Florida Senate's Faustian Bargain over Redistricting

Issue #38: Sarasota Referendum on Single-Member Districts is Tuesday

Issue #37: The Elections of Al Lawson

Issue 36: The New House Redistricting Map and a Duval-only 5th

Issue #35: Another DeSantis Map

Issue #34: Is Florida Redistricting is heading for an impasse?

Issue #33: An Alternative Florida 5th District for the Court

Issue #32: Read about The Florida 5th District

Issue #31: Florida's Remaining Dry Counties

Issue #30: Trying to Draw 5 Hispanic Congressional Districts in Florida

Issue #29: The Battle Lines of Florida's Congressional Redistricting

Issue #28: Tuesday's Special Election Primaries in South Florida

Issue #27: More Redistricting Drafts from the State Senate

Issue #26: Redistricting Session and Tallahassee State House Districts