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Thank you! This information is very helpful. Why I don’t see such sifting into the particulars generally posted by others is beyond me.

The crazy swings, the rabid dog types of attitudes in Florida voters, the obvious gerrymandering by DeathSantis and the low caliber thinking of the current voters lockstep with attitude but not much real thinking is sadly deplorable.

People in Florida have been actively salivating over the upcoming 2024 way before time to get there and blindly supporting the authoritarian mentality with such phrases as, “Anyone but Biden or Harris or any black woman!!!” And don’t take our guns away!, and “Freedom!” Even while DeathSantis is hardly for real freedom such as a woman’s choice over what she can do with her own body.

Seems there are a lot of people who align with ancient concepts around a woman’s “place” in these parts. Sad and cultish and scary.

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